We have a lot in store for our holders and wanted to break our development up into a quarterly basis. This helps our team ensure we deliver on a timely manner and also plan for the future.

Q3 2022: Release Generation 1 Radiant Robots and progress through initial plans

  • G1RR (Generation 1 Radiant Robots) will be released to the public with via one whitelist sale and one public sale
  • Continue growing our online communities such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram and more...
  • Arrange and reveal our extension brand, Stay Radiant. Build up the brand and find the best way to optomize use within our community and plan merchandise release
    • Update: We have teamed up with a very credible textiles company in New York Embroidery Studio to make this happen and revealed our brand to the public via discord and @St3yRadiant on Twitter.
  • Integrate our Robot design to be 3D print compatible. This would allow holders to print their specific Robot and have a real world, tangible copy.
    • Update compatibility has been figured out. All Robots will be CC0 (Creative Common - you have full rights) and come with a .glTF file.
    • The accompanying .gLTF will alllow holders to do the following with their robot: 3D print, resin print, animate in Blender, add into VR (compatible with Oculus), and so much more. If you really love your Robo, you can even send it in to your favorite jewler to get a 3D pendant made.
  • Starting post mint, using our personal knowledge and other NFT analyts and trading experts we have encountered along the way, we will launch our alpha channel which will highlight potential upcoming NFT projects (a lead to this alpha channel has already been determined and we will always be keeping an eye out for additional talent)
  • Continue to expand staff by assigning and hiring more "community helper" and "moderator" roles to keep our Discord and other social media communities thriving. Targeting members who are active within our discord and socials and have special interest in members outside of North America regions.

Q4 2022: Continuation and preparation for future plans

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA