We believe good plans take good planning. We strive for transparency so we wanted to break our project roadmap down and display our exactly plans following mint. The following will occur post mint Q3

50% of mint added back into the project

We are committed to expanding our project in every positive and organic shape and form. We have decided to put 50% of mint aside to use for the expansion of the project.
We build the core of our project to raise mental health awareness. After mint, we are dedicated to donating 3 ETH to the National Alliance on Mental Illness as a testament to our commitment at expanding mental health awareness.

Create the Higher Council

The higher council will consist of a group of community members who have been caring, insightful, wise and educated. These Higher Council will help make decisions and weigh options on improvements before it's presented to holders.

Launch 'Stay Radiant' brand and merchandise

Stay Radiant, a subsidiary brand to Radiant Robots, will start taking pre-orders after mint. Holders will be able to shop at a priority and with a discounted price. To learn more about Stay Radiant, press here.​

Set up 'The Factory'

Not everything can be announced yet.
Some things are better kept secret. For now.

Continue to grow our community

A social presence is important when growing a project or any business for that matter. We are going to continue to expand the engagement on Twitter and Discord by adding more giveaways and getting the community involved even more.


After mint is completed, giveaways and donations will still be continued within our community as we prepare for future plans