Our Team

This is the break down on who's behind the project and the credibility that comes with it. Our team is built of Web3 addicts and is full of many different backgrounds and talent. Learn more below.


Co-Founder & Community Manager
Discord: lexluth#7404 Twitter: @surer My why?: I came into the web3 space to improve it for the better whether it being through Radiant Robots or in other projects i'm heavily involved in, im constantly working to make this a better place! I started in cryptocurrency in early 2017 and slowly came into the NFT world in the middle of 2021 and fell in love. if you ever want to talk or have any questions about my interests or experience feel free to dm me on Twitter!


Co-Founder & Head of Project Development
Discord: DeVinci#6596 Twitter: @DevinciFrank My why?: What’s up! I'm surely a blockchain enthusiast and big .jpeg fan. I cofounded Radiant Robots along side this team with the goal of spreading positivity and happiness throughout the Web3 world and making an inclusive and welcoming community. I was an early investor in ETH back in 2018 and have fallen in love with the decentralized world ever since. When I'm not working on the project, I'm either watching sports or chatting about sports on discord or twitter. If anyone wants to reach out to me via twitter by all means! I also want all the smoke when it comes to discord Gartic! #Stayradiant


Co-Founder & Head of Development
Discord: Hambo#2409 Twitter: @HamboTweets My why?: I started off playing CS:GO with my friends in 2012 and fell in love with the idea of in-game skins and have been collecting ever since ! Once I heard about NFTs I knew I had to jump in. The minute I came into the web3 space originally on Solana (early 2021), I was met with instant love and generous acts of kindness. My mission for Radiant Robots is to give back and help as many friends and communities as I can! If anyone wants to chat feel free to dm me on twitter! My discord dms are off


The Robo Cheif! Head Discord Moderator
Discord: Brohamy#4231 Twitter: @ Brohamy101 My why?: What’s up everyone! Super excited to be apart of this project! Over the last year and a half, I have fallen in love with the concept of Web3 and the blockchain. I have previous experience with reselling bots and technology has always excited/inspired me. I joined the staff because I truly love being apart of this new up and coming NFT world and want to be involved for years to come. I’m here to engage with our awesome Robos and answer any questions you may have about the project! When i’m not working on the project, I love working out, watching sports, and golfing a little now and then. Excited to get to know everyone here!


Discord Moderator and Marketing Assistent
Discord: Structured#4606 Twitter: @ structured My why?: Whats good everyone! Glad to be involved in this amazing project with such a great team. I absolutely love the NFT space and its assets of Web3. I am currently a professional photographer and videographer shooting many events on professional level equipment. I am looking into selling my photos soon so look out! Being apart of Radiant Robots is such an amazing experience and I have learned so much from working with this team. Glad to be here everyone! #stayradiant


Discord Moderator and Assistant Collab Manager
Discord: AllThaBeanz.eth#3214 Twitter: @2_baked My why?: WADDUP ROBOS! I’ve been in the space since October, and still trying to figure out what a blockchain is haha. I’m the resident Degen. If you can’t find me just check Twitter I’m usually lost in the sauce. Web3 is what I do for a living, and Degen plays are how I’ve survived. Nothing I say is ever financial advice, cause hell, idk what I’m doing half the time. But I’m here for the long haul. If you ever need anything I’m always here. Don’t hesitate to hmu


Discord Moderator and Assistant Project Coordinator
Discord: Stoov#4396 Twitter: @ Stoovin My Why?: What's going on everyone!? My name is Stoov and this project has made me the most excited I have been in awhile. Although I have been involved in the NFT and Web3 space for half a year now, I have always been a part of the online community. The more I learn about the potential of Web3, the more I fall in love with it. The opportunity to be a part of this team on such an amazing project is a blessing. I'm always down to have a conversation and love engaging with members of our wonderful community. Feel free to ask me questions about the project in the Main Chat and I will always be happy to answer! When I am not working on the project, I enjoy watching and playing sports, playing 2K, and discovering new music...so hit me up if you ever need some good recommendations! I'm thrilled to get to know each and everyone of you in this community!


Community Helper and Staff Member
Discord: Taki#6283 Twitter: @yungboitaki777 My Why?: Wassuppp? My name is Taki and I am the latest addition to this already amazing team! A College student in Croatia who loves to play football and video games! Was fairly new to crypto and web3 when I first joined Radiant Robots back in March of this year. Since then Ive kept falling in love with the project over and over again. I have never been involved in the Web3 space ever prior to joining this community, and once I joined, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing hardworking team. I'm here to help and answer questions to anyone new to the web3 space or anyone curious about our project, just like I was 3 months ago! I love engaging with people in and out of this community, so feel free to @ me anytime, I am always happy to help! My web3 journey started here at Radiant Robots, and I couldn't be happier for this to be the first project that I am involved in! #StayRadiant