Let's start this off by talking about NFT's... whether you like them, hate them, or don't understand them, they are here to stay. Recently, NFT's, or non-fungble tokens, have been catching some traction being one of the top Google searches of 2021 (Market Insider). It hasn’t taken long for NFTs to develop into a massive marketplace - with strong evidence it hasn’t even scratched its full potential. Yet one thing is clear, for those who enter the space early and leverage NFTs and other emerging technologies, there are many rewards to be reaped. We are continuously entering a digital world, and it is only the beginning. Communication has gone digital. Learning has gone digital. Entertainment has gone digital. Finance is evolving digitally. Even dating has gone digital. And now, with the inclination of NFTs and the Metaverse, expression and ownership are progressing into digital forms. NFTs are going to undeniably have a drastic impact on the future and our team plans on playing a major role in that future. So now there only begs one question: as the world's next big technological development takes place, are you going to sit on the sidelines and catch up later or join us? Our team is full of finance and crypto specialists who have been involved within these industries for years and have pages full of experience. We have worked on both the front and back ends of the crypto industry and believe with our knowledge as well as our community, we have the ability to become a household name in the crypto and NFT industry Our motives behind this project are simple: build one of the most credible and genuinue NFT collections and communities We were tired of seeing 2D drawings of animals with no true roadmap development or projects with the sole driving factor just being personal capital gain. We want to build an exclusive, real community filled with users that enjoy Web3 and actually want to be involved within our society. We plan on involving our community via multiple platforms within the real world and the Metaverse, as integration into our following will be available through a multitude of different mediums. With these goals in mind, we are happy to introduce Radiant Robots, the next household name, to the public. Radiant Robots is a community based NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain containing member perks, a premium DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), private airdrops, philanthropic donations, exclusive giveaways, brand merchandise, community support, real world and virtual utilities, and so much more. 4,000 Radiant Robots are being built up, soon to be released to the public in 2 different waves mentioned in our FAQ We look forward to you joining our community and hope you buckle up for the ride. It's sure gonna be a great one